WWE Saturday Morning Slam is the fastest, most energy-filled half-hour on television. Featuring raw, in-ring action and larger-than-life Superstars and Divas from around the world.

Saturday Morning Slam is truly the ultimate program in television sports entertainment, featuring intense showdowns in the battle for global super stardom and the championship gold.

Saturday Morning Slam features the best like John Cena - one of WWE’s most popular Superstars. He made his WWE debut in 2002 and has since become one of the most admired competitors in the WWE. Throughout the past decade, Cena has amassed many honors, most notably an amazing 10 WWE Championships and two World Heavyweight Titles.

Another popular Superstar is The Miz who once held the WWE championship for 160 days, and at another point in his career, became the Intercontinental Champion.

There are also many international Superstars that represent their homelands with pride. Kofi Kingston, hailing from Ghana, is one prime example. On several occasions, Kofi Kingston has earned both Intercontinental and US Championships and has even seen success in the tag team division with fellow Superstars Evan Bourne and R-Truth.

We can’t talk about WWE Superstars without mentioning Italy’s own Santino Marella. Santino was first seen in the WWE Universe as a fan in the front row during the WWE’s first broadcast in Italy. He was invited to compete against Umaga and actually defeated him for the Intercontinental Championship. He even held the US Champion title for some time in 2012.

World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is another WWE Superstar to look for during Saturday Morning Slam. He’s famous for his “No!” lock, but he’s also known for his hybrid of Japanese and American competitive styles.

Some of the other Superstars you’ll see are Brodus Clay, CM Punk, Sin Cara and some of the Divas you’ll see are Alicia Fox, AJ Lee, Layla and many more.

No matter what Superstar or Diva you root for, there’s always an exciting match that’s worth tuning in for every weekend on Saturday Morning Slam.

WWE Saturday Morning Slam

WWE Saturday Morning Slam Superstars

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  • The_miz_ct
  • Brodus_clay_ct
  • Kofi_kingston_ct
  • Cm_punk_ct
  • Daniel_bryan_ct
  • Sheamus_ct
  • Alicia_fox_ct
  • Sin_cara_ct
  • Santino_marella_ct
  • Cody_rhodes_ct
  • Dolph_ziggler_ct
  • Zack_ryder_ct
  • R_truth_ct
  • Rey_mysterio_ct
  • Natalya_ct
  • Epico_ct
  • Antonio_cesaro_ct
  • Heath_slater_ct
  • Justin_gabriel_ct
  • Primo_ct
  • Kane_ct
  • Damien_sandow_ct
  • Tyson_kidd_ct
  • Aj_lee_ct
  • William_regal_ct
  • Ted_dibiase_ct
  • Jinder_mahal_ct
  • Layla_ct
  • David_otunga_ct
  • Askana_ct
  • The_great_khali_ct
  • Christian_ct
  • Big_show_ct
  • Alberto_delrio_ct
  • Ryback_ct
  • Yoshi_tatsu_ct
  • Wade_barrett_ct
  • Curt_hawkins_ct
  • Rosa_mendes_ct
  • Tensai_ct
  • Darren_young_ct
  • Randy_orton_ct
  • Jack_swagger_ct
  • Ezekiel_jackson_ct
  • Tamina_ct
  • Hornswoggle_ct
  • Naomi_ct
  • Hunico_ct
  • Mark_henry_ct
  • Cameron_ct
  • Titus_oneil_ct
  • Drew_mcintyre_ct
  • Jtg_ct
  • Jimmy_uso_ct
  • Jey_uso_ct
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