The Scrap-Happy Celtic Warrior

With a red-hot temper that matches his fiery head of hair, Sheamus never backs down from a fight, and has never been in one he didn’t think he could win.

Hailing from Dublin, Sheamus brings to the ring a ferocious offensive style that harkens to his noble and heroic Celtic ancestors. Whether by upbringing or by birthright, this modern-day Celtic Warrior was fated for combat, and when he emerged in ECW in 2009, he quickly made WWE his battleground.

After journeying from The Land of the Extreme to Monday Night Raw in October 2009, Sheamus ravenously sunk his teeth into the competition, engaging in a high-profile rivalry with John Cena in pursuit of the WWE Championship. At WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, the ginger-headed juggernaut clashed with the Cenation leader in a pine-splintering Tables Match and defeated Cena to become the first-ever Irish-born WWE Champion.

Not resting on his laurels following a momentous victory over one of the most decorated WWE wrestlers in history, The Celtic Warrior continued to collect accolades, winning the 2010 King of the Ring and capturing the illustrious United States Championship in March 2011.

Although Sheamus thrived off his ability to raise the ire of the WWE Universe by pummeling their heroes — namely the likes of John Cena, Triple H and Randy Orton — the boos directed at him were eventually replaced by thunderous cheers after he was drafted to SmackDown in 2011.

After winning the 2012 Royal Rumble, Sheamus paved his Road to WrestleMania and defeated World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan in a record-setting 18 seconds to win the title.

After capturing the World Title on the Grandest Stage of Them All, The Celtic Warrior proved himself a dominant and fighting champion, mixing a powerhouse offense — which includes the Brogue Kick, White Noise, the High Cross, the Irish Curse Backbreaker and now the Cloverleaf submission maneuver — with an innate Celtic thirst for battle.

In an epic battle against Big Show at Hell in a Cell, Sheamus became the first Superstar to miraculously kick out of the devastating KO Punch, only to lose the championship gold after suffering a second dose of the dreaded finishing maneuver. This ended his impressive, nearly seven-month-long reign. The fighting Irishman got his rematch at Survivor Series, where The Irish Superstar ultimately prevailed by disqualification. Irate over the outcome, The Celtic Warrior laced into Big Show with a vicious flurry of chair strikes, punctuating his onslaught with a Brogue Kick that left the giant seeing stars on the entrance ramp.

But will he overcome the overwhelming force that is the giant when and if they meet for the title again?

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