The son of WWE Hall of Famer “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Cody grew up admiring his father and watching him capture the imagination of sports-entertainment fans worldwide. He could not wait to carry on his father’s legacy while carving out one of his own in WWE.

With his “dashing” appearance and natural ability, Cody Rhodes appeared destined for success from the start. The second-generation Superstar quickly fulfilled that promise in the tag team ranks, capturing several championships.

Together with fellow multiple-generation Superstar Ted DiBiase, Rhodes would soon look for additional guidance from another Superstar with the squared circle in his blood, Randy Orton. Under the mentorship of Orton, Cody, with Ted, joined The Viper in forming The Legacy.

Shortly after being voted “Most Handsome Superstar” in a Divas poll on, Rhodes added the moniker “Dashing” to his persona, showcasing a new level of self-confidence and egoism that included giving numerous good hygiene tips to the WWE Universe on how they might become more like him.

That all came crashing down, however, following an accidental facial injury in a match with Rey Mysterio. Behind a protective mask, the extremely bitter, self-conscious Rhodes began to spread his torment through WWE, eventually winning the Intercontinental Title, and restoring it to glory by reintroducing the old school look of the title and its classic gold face and medallions. Championship gold only motivated the second-generation Superstar even more, and he continued his rivalry with his former friend and mentor, Randy Orton, among others.

Setting his sights on reclaiming the WWE Tag Team Championship, this time from the unlikely duo of Daniel Bryan & Kane, Rhodes recently joined forces with Damien Sandow in a partnership they call Team Rhodes Scholars. Rhodes and Sandow managed to put their respective egos aside to win the WWE Tag Team Title No. 1 Contenders’ Tournament. Though they came up short in their quest for championship gold at WWE Hell in a Cell, the cocky competitors will likely stay in sync, and high atop the list of contenders vying for the tandem gold.

One way or another, dashing or devious, mask or no mask, Cody Rhodes is relentless in his pursuit of a long-lasting legacy.

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