Oscar is a small kid with a HUGE secret! He’s the shortest boy in class and often made the butt of everyone’s jokes. But when BIG trouble strikes the microcosmos, Oscar de-atomises to become the world’s tiniest superhero: NANOBOY!

Each episode takes place in two worlds: the human world where Oscar tries to live the life of a normal 9 year old. In between keeping his
identity as Nanoboy a secret.

The New Adventures of Nanoboy

The New Adventures of Nanoboy Episodes and Clips

The New Adventures of Nanoboy Characters

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  • Nan_character_triangle_corona
  • Nan_character_triangle_isaac
  • Nan_character_triangle_czar
  • Nan_character_triangle_careenapayne
  • Nan_character_triangle_oscar
  • Nan_character_triangle_tim
  • Nan_character_triangle_dora
  • Nan_character_triangle_prodavidstein
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    The New Adventures of Nanoboy - Intro to El oli!views 30
  • Thumb_aztm9wth-480
    The New Adventures of Nanoboy - A Virus Among Usviews 30
  • Thumb_6geydzy9-480
    The New Adventures of Nanoboy - The Plan was a Failureviews 30
  • Thumb_rcpzcidw-480
    Nano Boy - Better Not Bully Me!views 30
  • Thumb_lymridqs-480
    The New Adventures of Nanoboy - Called to Dutyviews 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Failed guitar flip (around the world)views 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Funny Foul Shot Blooperviews 30
  • Thumb_default
    Cats Epic Failviews 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    MLB Camera Man Failviews 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Pro-bowler failviews 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Big Cat FAILsviews 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Winter Free Running - Ice Parkour - Ronnie Shalvisviews 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Storm Freerun - Volume 1views 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Damien Walters 2010views 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    TreT in Moscow (Parkour Dog From Ukraine in Russia`)views 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Amazing Parkour 2013views 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Parkour, literally.views 30

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