Sonic X is based on one of the most awesome video game heroes of all time and features the return of the hyper-hero Sonic. In Sonic X, this super cool, ultra fast, blue hedgehog has been transported to another dimension of Earth by way of the seven Chaos Emeralds. But, he didn’t go alone. Sonic’s good friends Tails, Amy and Knuckles and even some of his sworn enemies were all transported to this new dimension occupied by humans.

Along the way, the gang makes a new friend named Chris Thorndyke. Chris is a 12 year old who rescues Sonic from his swimming pool. Together they’ll race to collect the powerful Chaos Emeralds before the evil Dr. Eggman gets his hands on them.

Tails is Sonic’s two-tailed fox sidekick. Tails helps Sonic against Dr. Eggman by using his skills with technology and high-tech gadgets. In case of an emergency, Tails always has his homemade X-tornado ready to save the day.

Knuckles the echidna is another member of Sonic’s gang. His main duty is to protect the Master Emerald, and boy, does he take his job seriously. He has quite the temper, so enemies beware!

Speaking of hotheads, Sonic X also features the adorable Amy. Amy’s crush on Sonic is obvious, and ready to jump on any threats! But when will Sonic ever ask her out on a date?

Dr. Eggman is the main villain in Sonic X and Sonic just can’t seem to get rid of him! Dr. Eggman is extremely intelligent and egotistical using evil robots and terrornauts in his life quest to rule the universe. He’ll stop at nothing to get his hands on the seven Chaos Emeralds!

It’s Sonic and his pals who must band together to defeat Dr. Eggman by getting to the Chaos Emeralds first.

Sonic X

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    Sonic X - Sonic Power Cannonviews 30
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    Sonic X - Sonic Vs. Knucklesviews 30
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    Sonic X - Chaos Crystals Awayviews 30
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    Sonic X - Metarex Appearsviews 30
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    Sonic X - Amy Saves the Dayviews 30
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    Sonic X - We're Being Followedviews 30
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    Sonic X - Eggman Versus Policeviews 30
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    Sonic X - Foolish Flyboy Eggmanviews 30
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    Sonic X - Resistance is Futileviews 30
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    Sonic X - Eggman Cries to Knucklesviews 30
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    Sonic X - Swiping Chaos Emeraldsviews 30
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    Sonic X - Eggman Releases Emeraldsviews 30
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    Mini Car Racer - Racing Gameviews 30
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    Knugg Rally racersviews 30
  • Thumb_car-eats-car-racing-game
    Car Eats Car - Racing Gameviews 30
  • Thumb_crazy_orcs_racing
    Crazy Orcs Racingviews 30
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    Stickman Downhillviews 30
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    King of Driftviews 30

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