The Rescue Heroes are a team of ultra-emergency experts who leap into all kinds of natural and man-made disasters anytime, anywhere. They stand for teamwork, perseverance, and above all else… safety. From their headquarters that hovers above earth, they are prepared to spring into action in a matter of seconds. They do not fight the battles of good vs. evil, but instead they stand with truth and justice. They are always ready to help and always willing to learn.

Former fire chief, Billy Blazes is the leader of the Rescue Heroes team and directs the team in all of their rescue efforts.

Wendy Waters is the daughter of Warrant Waters, the Commander of Operations at the Rescue Heroes Command Com Space Station that orbits Earth. She has done her best to uphold the family tradition and work her way up the ranks to become Billy’s second-in-command.

Then there’s Jake Justice, the former motorcycle cop who drives a souped-up Harley-Davidson.

Ace pilot, Ariel Flyer is a veterinarian who is Billy Blaze’s first call when any type of animal or wildlife is in danger.

Rocky Canyon is the youngest and newest member of the Rescue Heroes. He is an accomplished mountain climber and always eager to help… a little too eager sometimes. But, this wild card often proves to be an ace in the hole.

Jack Hammer is the only Rescue Hero who is a cowboy at heart. He’s the group’s practical joker, but Jack’s also incredibly talented in the areas of architecture and engineering.

The Rescue Heroes get occasional help from other team members including Roger Houston, Comet, Smokey, Bill Barker, Bob Buoy and Sam Sparks.

Together, every Rescue Hero always works to protect people in danger.

Rescue Heroes

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    Rescue Heroes - A Fishy Rescueviews 30
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