In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Terra Venture – a space station so massive it contains a city inside - embarks on an interstellar voyage to journey beyond Earth in search of new worlds.

After Terra Venture takes flight the mission shifts course when a jungle girl named Maya leads four of the crew to the five mystical swords known as the Quasar Sabers on her home planet of Mirinoi.

Since these five friends are able to pull the swords from the stone, they are chosen to be the Galaxy Power Rangers and must defend the space colony from the alien armies led by Scorpius and Captain Mutiny.

Leo, the Red Power Ranger, is the main maverick that leads the crew. He inspires the other Rangers with not only his bravery, but his curiosity and excitement about being aboard the Terra Venture.

Kendrix is the Pink Power Ranger and into everything scientific. She tends to be the one everyone turns to for logical and intelligent reasoning.

The Blue Power Ranger’s name is Kai, and he feels he might be the true leader of the Power Rangers. Kai inherited his strategic, over-achieving mind from his military family.

Damon is the Green Power Ranger, and he’s the group’s biggest prankster. Damon also has valuable skills as a mechanic and is training as a boxer.

Maya, the Yellow Power Ranger, has a wild spirit that makes her feel more at-home in the jungle than in the city. While she’s incredibly independent, she still sees the value in the Power Rangers working as a team to defeat all sorts of spaced out villains including Captain Mutiny, Scorpius, Trakeena, Furio, Treacheron, Deviot and Hexuba.

The Power Rangers will also team up with Zords called Galactabeasts, and will form a very important alliance with a galactic warrior known as Magna Defender. This new team of Power Rangers will defend the space colony from the alien armies of Trakeena in an adventure that will take them to undiscovered worlds and galaxies.

Join the Power Rangers on their Terra Venture journeys in the Lost Galaxy!

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

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