There is another world beyond our own. A digital world where powerful creatures known as “Digimon” battle for supremacy. But the fate of the Digital World is at risk by evil forces and Digimon need our help.

A young, human boy named Mikey is transported into the Digital World along with his two best friends. Before the kids can say, "We're not in Kansas anymore," they meet a feisty Digimon called Shoutmon and his formidable Digimon companions.

Brave Shoutmon longs to be the benevolent 'King of the Monsters' and asks for the kids' help to achieve his goal. Compassionate Mikey immediately agrees to help.

First, they must travel to all 108 Digi-Zones, collecting "Code Crowns." Whoever possesses all the 108 Code Crowns will reign over the digital empire. So Mikey, Shoutmon and their friends begin the long journey with great eagerness and cautious trepidation. Along the way, they meet up with numerous silly and delightful Digimon, from the cuddly, rabit-like Cutemon to the dorky Turtlemon, who help them in their quest.

To defeat their enemies, the kids and their Digimon pals must unite in ways never before seen in the Digital Universe. Wielding a digi-vice know as the Fusion Loader, Mikey is able to combine multiple Digimon into new creatures. This digital fusion not only creates fantastic hybrid Digimon, but also gives them enhances powers to battle the evil Bagra army, or as Mikey likes to say, "Double the Digimon, double the Digi-fun!" On their travels, they meet other human kids and their quirky Digimon companions who present a myriad of unusual and hilarious challenges as well.

It's a duel like no other, as Digimon battle Digimon and the fate of the digital world lies in the hands of one extraordinary human boy.


DIGIMON FUSION Episodes and Clips


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    Digimon Smashviews 30
  • Thumb_frost-bite
    Frost Biteviews 30
  • Thumb_sinjid-shadow-of-the-warrior
    Sinjid Shadow of the Warriorviews 30
  • Thumb_spiters_annihilation
    Spiter's Annihilationviews 30
  • Thumb_tumblestump-2
    Tumblestump 2views 30
  • Thumb_mad-samurai
    Mad Samuraiviews 30
  • Thumb_don_t-panic
    Don't Panic - Tower Defense Gameviews 30
  • Thumb_toys-vs-nightmares-defense-game
    Toys vs. Nightmares - Defense Gameviews 30
  • Thumb_paper-defense-tower-defense-game
    Paper Defense - Tower Defense Gameviews 30
  • Thumb_battle-station
    Battle Station - Tower Defense Gameviews 30
  • Thumb_clan-wars-goblin-forest-tower-defense-game
    Clan Wars: Goblin Forest - Tower Defense Gameviews 30
  • Thumb_kingdom_rush
    Kingdom Rushviews 30
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    A Ninja's Duelviews 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Maker vs Markerviews 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Tribute to Martial Arts Tricksviews 30
  • Thumb_hqdefault
    Extreme Bo Staff - NICK BATEMANviews 30
  • Thumb_0
    Real Life Fruit Ninja!views 30

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