Cubix: Robots For Everyone is the story of Connor and Cubix, along with their friends Abby and Hela, who fight against the schemes of the mad Dr. K.

Cubix: Robots for Everyone takes place in the year 2040 in Bubble Town where robots outnumber humans. Robots are made at a place called RobixCorp, everyone has a robot and each one is unique. A boy named Connor who just moved to Bubbletown repairs a thought to be “unfixable” transformable robot named Cubix and becomes its owner.

Connor has Cubix and his good friend Abby has a robot named Dondon. Connor and Abby are part of a special club called “Botties” – it’s for people who know how to fix robots. The club also includes Hela who not only owns a robot repair shop named “Botties Pitt” but is a person who knows almost everything about robots. Hela has an entire robot team made up of Diagnostix, Mr. Fixit, Ixpressive and Attractix.

Best friends Chip and Mong are also part of the Botties crew. Chip is arguably the smartest of all the Botties, and his best friend Mong is probably the funniest. Chip’s robot is Cerebrix, and Mong’s robot is Maximix.

But suddenly, robots are going crazy all over Bubble Town, and no one knows why. This can mean only one thing… The mad scientist Dr. K is up to no good.

Dr. K is the Botties’ main villain. He has set out to collect a substance called Solex that he wants to use to build the ultimate robot and destroy Bubble Town. His main robot is named Kolossal, but he has an entire team of evil robots that include Katastrophe, Kannon, Krab, Klawber and Kilobot.

But, Dr. K may not be the only bad guy in town. Raska is also a potential evil-doer as she’s not quite who she says she is and might be after the Solex herself.

Cubix Robots For Everyone

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